Baked Oatmeal Muffins


For years, I’ve been making and loving these Baked Oatmeal Muffins from Sugar Free Mom. They are so delicious to grab for a quick breakfast or snack and I love personalizing them with different toppings and add-ins. I made a big batch of these muffins for the Mindful American pilot shoot and the crew snacked on them all day, everyday, with many favorable reviews! Usually I make them without a cupcake liner for a super duper zero waste treat!


Oat-Muffin Erica-bites-oat-muffin Chewing-Oat-Muffins-is-Cute

What’s a zero waste treat you can give to yourself this week? To your heart? I’m thinkin’ for me, there’s always time for more DANCIN’!


Mindful Baby, One More Time

YOU KNOW, I love to dance.

I love to dance anywhere. I love to dance silly, dirty, big, like a three-year-old at a wedding, like my mom at a wedding, like a Beyoncé backup dancer.

I think it’s important to dance! Or at least to do the thing that makes you the happiest in the entire world. Dancing with my roommate who happens to be my best friend from childhood makes me the happiest lamb in the flock. And since Easter is nearly upon us and two of my Forty Acts were to dance and to listen to a song from my childhood, I’d figure I’d combine the two with this lovely dancing vid brought to you by me and my roommate/bff John!


Cold Brew Coffee and Homemade Cashew Coffee


I have a deep and undying love for coffee. Like most humans, I have to be cognizant of my coffee intake, going ham on the java can make me quite a wild woman. Lately I’ve been making a lot of Cold Brew. It’s super easy to make and I find the end result tastes smoother and doesn’t feel quite as acidic on my stomach. I’m not sure about the science of the caffeine content in cold brew vs. regular, but I find when I cold brew I don’t get the jitters quite as bad.

Cold brewing coffee is simply wonderful. I just grind a good batch of beans, stir them up in a jar of water, and let it sit overnight. In the morning, all you have to do is strain and you’ve got a delicious Cold Brew Concentrate to keep in the fridge and dilute 1:1 with water when you’re ready for a cold jolt!

I make Cold Brew so often, I’ve got the process down, but I originally consulted this recipe on Man Made Guide and this post from Nap Time is My Time (the latter is where I learned to stir the coffee with a wooden chopstick instead of a metal utensil as the metal can alter the flavor of the coffee, a fact I was confused about while making the vid.) I love diluting my concentrate with some homemade almond milk (instead of water) for a creamier iced drink.


Cashew-Coffee BluePrint-Cashew-Coffee Cashew-Milk-Coffee

Speaking of creamy coffee drinks…have you ever tried BluePrint drinks? Well, okay, I haven’t, but I’ve seen them in Whole Foods. They look delicious but are crazy expensive. So I was so super excited when I found this copycat recipe for Homemade BluePrint Coffee Cashew Cinnamon Vanilla drink from Janny Organically. And boy oh boy, is this a keeper. It’s like the big leagues after you get the hang of making Cold Brew. The first time I tried the recipe, I didn’t strain the cashews through a nut milk bag. It was still delicious but there was chewing involved. This time I strained it and it was smooth but still creamy.

I mean, what can you strain out this week to make your life a little smoother?