After I made the Almond Milk and the Almond Pulp Hummus videos, people were asking me how to turn their leftover almond pulp into almond meal, an option I had mentioned but had never actually tried…UNTIL NOW!

Almond meal is pretty much awesome. It’s gluten-free, if you roll that way. You can substitute some of the regular flour in a dessert recipe for almond meal, or just go on Pinterest and discover the treasure trove of almond meal desserts out there!

And it’s so crazy easy. This almond meal actually came from a batch of almond pulp I had frozen a little while back. I referred to two different recipes: DIY Almond Flour from All Sorts of Pretty and Homemade Almond Meal from Nature’s Nurture Blog. It ended up taking about 3 hours in the oven at 200 degrees with the oven door cracked open.

And since I had all this delicious homemade almond meal, I could finally make the No-Bake Hemp Macaroons from My Name is Yeh. Holy moly, these are good! They taste like the Caramel Delite Girl Scout cookie, but full of lots more wholesome ingredients!



These macaroons and the thousands of girls in green sashes hawking cookies at every turn got me thinking, if I could invent a Girl Scout badge to work on this week, what would it be? What would yours be?

I think mine would be Loving Myself and Others for Who We Are Right Now, Not How We Want (Them) To Be. Maybe I’ll pitch that catchy name to the Girl Scouts of America?

Written by Erica

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Sarah UmmYusuf

Those macaroons look awesome! Definitely adding them to my almond meal rotation. Thanks for the mention, and love the GSA badge name. 😉


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