If you know me but at all, you know I despise waste. I CANNOT handle it. Most notable in my obsession is wasted food. Oh, it makes me so sad when I have to throw out a once perfectly good, edible thing because it is now far from edible or good or perfect. Don’t go with me to a restaurant and expect to leave even a french fry on your plate. I lay awake at night thinking of all the things in my fridge that are soon to be turning and which of those things I can salvage by freezing or consuming or transforming.

It may come as no surprise that I love recipes meant specifically for using up an ingredient oft in surplus. If you are a nut milk drinker and producer, as I am, you’ll understand the struggle over what to do with the remaining pulp once the milky goodness is extracted. Oh, sure, there’s always cashew milk, the miracle of the nut milks for its no-strain, no-bag, no-pulp abilities. But for the most common of the nutty drinks, almond milk, the pulp is real.

There are a couple things I’ve tried in order to use up my almond pulp– dump it into a protein shake or smoothie, dehydrate it to make almond meal for baking, or repurpose it raw into other foods, like hummus or fudge!

In my quest for raw almond pulp recipes, I came across the Eating Vibrantly blog, with a treasure trove of nut-related goodness! I love this recipe for Raw Almond Pulp Hummus! It fits all my criteria– it reuses the pulp, it tastes amazing, it’s easy to make, and it freezes nicely to save batches for later use.

Enjoy today’s One Weird Thing Video! This week, salvage something while it’s still perfect and good or transform it to make something a little nutty!


Written by Erica

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