If you are following along with the One Weird Thing cooking vids, then you already have a whole bunch of delicious, homemade Veggie Stock filling your fridge and freezer. Great! Let’s use it to make soup!

This Beet Soup with Beet Green Pesto recipe actually comes from the Le Creuset website but you don’t need any fancy cookware to make it, except a food processor or blender (by now you’ve probably noticed that most of my favorite recipes require some sort of motor-powered blending action.)

I already love LOVE beets and beet soup, but this recipe just nailed it with the pesto made out of the beet greens. I love having an immediate action to take to use up the¬†whole plant. Often I’ll come home from the farmer’s market with a bunch of beets or carrots with beautiful tops and think, oh the glorious ways I’ll use these greens, only to cut them off and forget about them til they are far from usable.

Enjoy the vid and the boldy colored soup! How are you gonna use your tops this week?!?

Written by Erica

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