I mean, give me a break, I’m in my twenties and I’m a human…CHIPOTLE IS MY JAM. I have nearly no bad words to say about Chipotle. Well, except I recently ordered a burrito bowl and the woman behind the counter misheard me and started to heat up a tortilla. When I said it was actually going to be a bowl, she immediately chucked the warmed tortilla in the trash. Ahhhh! Noooo! …all that delicious, warm, soft, squishy tortilla-goodness, straight into the garbage. But the huge issue of wasted food in this country is not my purpose today.

Mostly I’m here to say this Butternut Squash Burrito Bowl is not meant in any way to compete with the all-holy Chipotle burrito bowl, however this bowl is nothing less than scrumptious, comforting, cozy, and warm. And wholesome! I found the recipe on another one of my fav food blogs, Love and Lemons, a site so delicious in recipe and photo, you’ll be licking your screen!

I’m a super fan of any component I can make easier by involving a motor, thus I loved making the avocado cream in the blender (instead of hand mushing!) I made the pico de gallo by hand but you could always avoid all the dicing by purchasing a pre-made salsa.

The important thing to think about this week is what is your life-tortilla that you just keep throwing away? Maybe you could save and repurpose it! For me, I’m still struggling with my post-dinner recreation time. I need unstructured time in the evenings to reset, but I often feel like I’m just dumping that gift of time in the garbage by watching TV and doing mindless activities. Sometimes it’s good to zone out but I’m not loving it for every night. So I think I’ll pick out my life-tortilla from the garbage and try to make my evenings more relaxing and mindful! (This analogy got out of hand…)

Written by Erica

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