Many of my friends who have never visited Southern California assume it’s all cement and smog. It’s true, we have much work to do to clean up our air.

But the thing I love most about living here is the lushness! Just a walk through my neighborhood (Culver City), and the variety of¬†colors, textures, shapes, and sizes on display are¬†awesome! I love all the tropical, drought-tolerant, and succulent plants…something I had never seen before moving here. And I was overjoyed to see a bee! Keep fighting the good fight, little bee!


Yay-Bees White_Flower_House Succulents-Ablaze Succulent-Alone Spider-Webby So-Succulent So-Spiky Red-Peppercorns Red_Flower_Branch Pink-House Little-Rubberies Flamingo Cacti_Silhouette Buncha-Baby-Spiders-Probably Banana_Tree ErHeartCa

I assume this is someone with initials ER who loves someone with the initials CA, but also it’s just Erica Hart…right?


Er <3 ca


Written by Erica

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