Today is my dad’s birthday.

I love my daddy a ton. Both of my parents are super helpful. They’re just the best people to have around if you need an extra hand. When I forgot my performance shoes for a Show Choir concert in middle school, my dad rushed home and back in record time to retrieve them and save the day! In high school when I realized the Civics citizenship project was due the next day (and I hadn’t started), he left work and took me down to the courthouse to sit and observe a trial for hours. In college, my parents drove the eight hours to Chicago each time I directed a student film, serving as a couple of extra hands on set, cooking for the cast and crew, bringing props and set dressing, and meeting my friends. At the end of every school year in college we had a big premiere of all the student films. Of course my parents attended all four years, whether I directed a film or not, but they were also somehow the only ones that stayed after to roll up the red carpet and clean up the catering.

I remember making my dad carry me up to bed until I was far too old…and we had quite a large flight of stairs.



Thinking back on it now, the poor guy had to sit through SO MANY dance recitals, speech contests, volleyball tournaments, and performances of Annie. Sounds brutal, but he was always there, he always watched and supported me and leant an extra hand.

He calls me “Little Buddy,” which I think is a Gilligan’s Island reference, and I love it.

Happy birthday Daddy! I really hope you enjoy today!


Written by Erica

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Brett Hart

That was a super nice! I lot of great memories. I’m getting so old I had forgotten some of these things. One of the best presents I’ve ever gotten was this blog. Thanks!


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