I am so grateful to have a farmers market on my street once a week, all year long! The Tuesday market in Culver City is dear to my heart, as are the familiar faces of smiling vendors and hard-working entertainers.

That baby goat is only a few days old. For years I’ve been befriending baby goats at the market, letting them nibble on my hand. I probably talk to the goats more than to the humans. I wish I knew the people at the market better, learned their names and about their lives. I’m going to try a little harder each week. To start, I took portraits to encapsulate some of those faces I see every week that make me smile.


Market-Jessica Jessica-Farmers-Market Trumpet-Market Moises-Market Jammin-at-the-Market

Do you know that feeling when you are already nostalgic for the present moment? You can nearly time-travel to the future where the present-tense is now a memory? I get that feeling at the farmers market. The smells, the sounds, the faces–the familiar space I’ve been coming to for five years and I know I will miss so much if I ever leave this street.


Market-Clown Farmers-Market-Clown

Written by Erica

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