If you haven’t noticed, I’m a Millennial. Like the epitome of a Millennial. I got coddled and praised as a child and now I’m all those cliches you’ve heard…I jump from job to job, I expect praise too often, I’m pretty gosh-darned entitled, and I overshare A LOT on social media.

Frankly, I LOVE my generation. We are good, productive citizens. We care about our health, the environment, and social justice. I don’t know anyone in my peer group that still smokes cigarettes and I know almost no one with a destructive drug habit (besides pot, so not destructive. I don’t have┬ásuper strong feelings either way but as a Millennial I see that much of the criminalization is racially-charged, thus favor legalization from a justice standpoint.) We support the good-stuff–the local shops, the organic farms, the sustainable businesses. We are single-handedly keeping retailers of beer-brewing equipment in business.

We jump from job to job not because we are just lazy and unfocused, but because finding the right fit and loving our work is extremely important to us. And I think we are forward-thinkers, on-trend with the future of our society. Careers are a thing of the past. Income-generating projects and activities make more sense, and Millennials have embraced such sporadic, shifting work. We value our work-life balance. We see that most full-time employment is unproductive for employer and employee. But freelance employment means we can manage our own time, and work diligently and productively for our billable hours (kinda a win-win for all when you think about it…)

My favorite part of being a Millennial is the generational embrace of authenticity. We are all so supportive of everyone finding and being true to their authentic selves. We work to learn more about different races, religions, sexualities, genders. We talk about things, on social media and IRL, that may have once seemed taboo but to us, is part of seeking authenticity–thus the many Millennials who identify and speak passionately as sex-positive, feminist, queer, gender queer or transgender. Thus the reason so many of us are burlesque dancers. We are talking openly and honestly about our struggles–from depression and anxiety to body image insecurity, sexual harassment, and addiction. And we are supportive of our friends and encouraging when others share their pain and seek help. We are finding ourselves, feeling our bodies, and speaking our truth.

It’s not always easy to be a Millennial. It was a rough transition into the real world. But I am so excited to see where we go, to see what we accomplish, to see what we do together. I feel so incredibly CONNECTED to my peers. You may call us lazy, you may call us entitled, but only good can come of an entire generation whose top priorities are compassion, balance, and authenticity.

Hey Millennials, I love ya!

Written by Erica

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