As I focus in this week, all my time and attention is going toward the finishing and launch of the pilot episode of Mindful American. It’s certainly not just me outputting energy, but a great swirl of energies from dear, sweet people who have come together to tell this story. I look at the journey–from the first time I pitched the idea over fried chicken to my close friend and Director of Photography, Travis LaBella, to this week, frantically putting on the finishing touches with my brand new friend and sound designer, Allegra de Souza…and the dozens and dozens of kindnesses from friends along the way! I’ve met so many new people who have worked so hard, given me so much.

I’ve learned it’s hard to ask for favors, it feels awkward and intense. But humans generally want to help other humans. And almost all of my asks have been met with graciousness and excitement. I am truly lucky to have such an amazing team, giving so much time, energy, and love. In the end, it all came down to love. And I am feeling a TON OF IT.


Lois-and-Erica-Smiling Lois-Erica-Posing MoJo-and-Erica Scott-and-Erica-Smiling

I think my greatest takeaway from this whole experience is EVERY great accomplishment takes a village, and it’s okay to ask the village for HELP!


Travis-the-beautiful Travis-Shooting-Bike-Board John-with-costumes Sitting-Break

Apparently another lesson I learned, which I see now looking over these behind-the-scenes photos, is it’s important to always be eating!


Erica-Mojo-Eating Apple Erica-And-Levi-Eating-Apple Erica-Mojo-Tomato Theres-an-apple-behind-my-back

This poster up in the community room of the LA Eco Village says it better than I can…






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Sarah Hart

Have you watched Craigslist Joe on Netflix? It speaks to the same message and really made me realize that people ARE genuinely nice. Sometimes I think we get caught-up in the news crap and forget that the majority of us want good in the world. So proud of you. What a great project.


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