YOU KNOW, I love to dance.

I love to dance anywhere. I love to dance silly, dirty, big, like a three-year-old at a wedding, like my mom at a wedding, like a Beyoncé backup dancer.

I think it’s important to dance! Or at least to do the thing that makes you the happiest in the entire world. Dancing with my roommate who happens to be my best friend from childhood makes me the happiest lamb in the flock. And since Easter is nearly upon us and two of my Forty Acts were to dance and to listen to a song from my childhood, I’d figure I’d combine the two with this lovely dancing vid brought to you by me and my roommate/bff John!


Written by Erica

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Everyday we deal with people that are unhappy, miserable, cranky and even the occasional person who is having a bad day. I won’t admit that could even be me.

And sometimes on the interwebs we encounter someone who has unlocked the secrets of simple. And the rest of us think, WOW…

You may never know how much you have by doing the right things for the environment, how you eat and what you do. But you set an example, and make my days just a little bit better.

Please don’t stop. 🙂


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