This past weekend I traveled to the East Coast to celebrate the engagement of a beautiful couple who totally and completely love and vibe with each other.

For the most part, the folks at the party were from New York City, though my Cali crew joined the ranks of other out-of-towners from beautiful destinations like Breckenridge, CO and Saint Paul, MN. As we bussed it over to New Jersey from Manhattan, all the New Yorkers let out a collective sigh of relief. “Nature! Trees! Sunshine!” I’m grateful we all had this lovely weekend together to run around in a yard, play a million rounds of beer pong, make flower crowns, and give the city-folkĀ a respite from their concrete jungle!

Despite what you may think of the smog-factory that is LA, I was reminded of how much I love the sunshine, the warmth, the trees, the hiking, the mountains, the ocean, this city! Wait, I guess I don’t have to make a case for Los Angeles, the New York Times already did that!


Flower-Child-LIz Liz-Is-Beautiful You-Fucking-Gorgeous-Goddess

This insanely beautiful flower queen is my (new-ish) friend Liz, who I totally meshed with and when I think of her I turn into a puddle of sunshine and flowers. She writes at In Search of Water if you want to read words written by an actual goddess!



I included the above picture if you prefer dudes with their shirts off instead of pics of goddess princesses. I like to keep EVERYONE happy here at Mindful American!


Hair-Whip Brunettes-Just-Want-To-Have-Fun Running-Hands-Through-Hair

You can take me out of California, but you can only get me so far before I start whipping my hair around for the camera…

Happy Friday! Find your freakin’ sunshine this weekend!


Written by Erica

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