Almond Pulp Brownies

I guess it’s getting a little over the top, this love of all things almonds. It has gotten to the point that I was pretty sure I’d already made a video for these seriously insane Almond Pulp Brownies and had to check the archives of my blog to make sure. Typing in “almonds” as a… Read more »

Curried Veggie Chickpea Stew

There’s a trend as far as my cooking is concerned. For a recipe to be Erica-approved it usually has the following attributes: Must offer some form of convenience, whether it be minimal chopping, less dirty dishes, or time-saving (like the slow-cooker) Must pack in as much good stuff as possible (like plants, or weird shit like… Read more »

I LITERALLY Love You, Millennials!

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a Millennial. Like the epitome of a Millennial. I got coddled and praised as a child and now I’m all those cliches you’ve heard…I jump from job to job, I expect praise too often, I’m pretty gosh-darned entitled, and I overshare A LOT on social media. Frankly, I LOVE my… Read more »

Rainbow Slaw with Tahini Dressing

  Summer is inching closer and to me that screams SLAW! I love slaws, of all shapes and sizes, especially when they include all the colors of the rainbow! Try this Rainbow Slaw with Tahini Dressing from Lunch Box Bunch! What can you bring a little color to this week?  

700 Days Old, No Shame

Yesterday, the 2-year-old I take care of fell off a spinny swing at the park. His 4-year-old sister spun him fast. I watched him fall. It wasn’t really a fall, more like a slightly failed attempt at getting off the contraption. He landed pretty lightly on the squishy playground floor. But then he started screaming,… Read more »


My sweet, dear friend Taylor recently became a contributor to Here is her first video seeking to define PRIDE. Tay’s video got me thinking about pride and what it means to me. “Pride is having the courage to say: This is who I am. This is what I want. And I’m going to go… Read more »

New Jersey Flower Goddesses

This past weekend I traveled to the East Coast to celebrate the engagement of a beautiful couple who totally and completely love and vibe with each other. For the most part, the folks at the party were from New York City, though my Cali crew joined the ranks of other out-of-towners from beautiful destinations like… Read more »

Defending Almonds PLUS Almond Meal Cookies!

I’ve built a bit of a reputation for being pretty PRETTY into almonds–almond milk, almond pulp, almond meal. It comes as no surprise that when news hit of the exorbitant amount of water required to grow a single California almond, people were clamoring to alert me. Yo, we’re in a humongo drought here in CA,… Read more »

Taco Pickles

I eat tacos pretty much all the time. I’m lucky to be in a city where there’s good tacos on every corner. My favorite thing about taco trucks, besides the tacos, is all the different pickled toppings to choose from…radishes, carrots, onions and cilantro, peppers. So these homemade Taco Pickles from Eva Kolenko are really rocking my world… Read more »

Wandering to Find Balance

I burnt myself out and lost my balance in the last week or two. Finishing the Mindful American pilot was such an accomplishment, but I pushed so hard I made myself sick and exhausted. It’s a common feeling for so many of us, to just go go go. I felt like I couldn’t do anything… Read more »

  • Biking is Selfish

    I figure I’ll be speaking at length about my experience as a bike commuter on this blog. But today I want to talk about BIKING as THE ULTIMATE (SELFISH) ALTERNATIVE FORM OF TRANSPORT.   Biking cannot be a reality for every single person. I am lucky to be able-bodied and live in relatively flat city with incredible… Read more »

  • Winter Detox Smoothie and Soup – VIDEO!

     Enjoy this video for a Ginger-Mint Pear Smoothie while I get real LA on you and talk about detoxes. I’m sorta split down the middle when it comes to dietary detoxes and cleanses. On the one hand, I think they are unnecessary as our bodies are likely doing all the detoxing work they are meant… Read more »

  • Alternatives Exist

    Once when my sister was little, she ran smack dab into a cabinet and bonked her head. My mom opened the silverware drawer and pulled out a butter knife. She turned to my sister, who in turn took off screaming, convinced my mom was trying to kill her…or so the story goes. Of course, my… Read more »

  • Almond Pulp Hummus – One Weird Thing VIDEO!

    If you know me but at all, you know I despise waste. I CANNOT handle it. Most notable in my obsession is wasted food. Oh, it makes me so sad when I have to throw out a once perfectly good, edible thing because it is now far from edible or good or perfect. Don’t go… Read more »

  • Learning Garden

    I’m back in Los Angeles! On a recent sunny day, I visited the White House Place Learning Garden in Koreatown. I’ve been to the Garden a number of times, profiling the story of its’ chief steward, Lara Morrison, as part of the first episode of Mindful American (yet to be released.) The White House Place Garden… Read more »

  • Right Here, Now

    Sometimes I’m in the perfect place, with the perfect people — the sun is shining, the coffee is hot, there are breakfast foods involved — but my mind is somewhere else. I’m thinking about what I’m going to do next and how this experience could be improved if I first changed about fifty fundamental things… Read more »

  • Vanilla Cinnamon Almond Milk – One Weird Thing VIDEO!

      I grew up drinking tons of milk — normal, everyday milk from a big plastic jug with a pink or blue cap, by way of a sweet cow somewhere. I think all the milk I drank growing up is the reason my hair and fingernails grow at a lightning fast rate and after a long… Read more »

  • Eco-Conscious Travel Confusion

    For the eco-conscious amongst us, travel can often be filled with confusion and guilt. I want to explore new places but I know the environmental impact associated with traveling is quite great. How do I justify a greenhouse gas-ridden flight or car-trip when my everyday, non-vacation self is obsessed with reducing my contribution to emissions. I don’t yet… Read more »

  • Life-Changing Bread – One Weird Thing VIDEO!

      I love to cook. I have no training but I love to try new recipes and I love to eat. It’s a joke amongst my roommates that my cooking always includes “One Weird Thing,” be it an alternative sweetener, a flour substitute, a superfood, or simply more vegetables than have ever been together in one… Read more »