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One of my Forty Acts¬†was to spend a day out of the house ungroomed. This wasn’t too terribly hard for me. These days I rarely wear makeup and I’ve never known how to do anything to my hair except tie it into a boppity ball on the top of my head. There was certainly a more insecure time of my life, the college years, when I had a set routine of makeup every morning. I didn’t feel right if I didn’t go step by step through my strict regimen, if my hair was dirty, if I had forgotten to pluck that one really dark chin hair that always grows in the same exact spot.

Maybe it’s being on the other side of my twenties, the more mature and confident side, but I am totally embracing my natural looks! I feel beautiful rather than exposed when I’m barefaced.

I love my freckles! I love my eyebrows that mysteriously don’t match my hair color and are so thick they hurt sometimes! I love my stubborn, tangly, baby-fine hair! Get me naked and I will proudly show off my stretch marks! I’d be a whole different person if I was attempting to disguise or change these features. These things make me me.


Freckle-Nose Mindful-Erica Erica-Hart

I am certain your bare face is absolutely gorgeous! Which of your features are you learning to love and embrace?


Written by Erica

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