Sometimes I’m in the perfect place, with the perfect people — the sun is shining, the coffee is hot, there are breakfast foods involved — but my mind is somewhere else. I’m thinking about what I’m going to do next and how this experience could be improved if I first changed about fifty fundamental things about myself.

Sometimes I’m in a place I hate — I don’t want to be where I am, I’m overworked, annoyed, bored, hungry, exhausted, and I want out. But for one reason or another, I feel I need to stay where I am — other people are counting on me, I am responsible for certain tasks, I am physically trapped (rush hour traffic, luckily no longer a reality for me since I’m now car-free!) So I mentally leave. I check my phone, I turn up the radio, I do whatever I can to distract myself from where I am. And it makes the experience 100 times worse.

But sometimes, rarer occurrences than I would wish for them to be, I commit to the present moment. I’m fully in it. I sip up every bit of sunshine from the good, perfect moments. And I exhale through the harder times. But I experience it all without trying to check out, mentally or physically, without focusing on what could have been done or what I need to do or where I wish I was or how it could all be better.

As we head into the relaxing, quieter moments of the weekend, straight on through to the hustle and boogie of the work¬†week, I’m grounding down with this mantra:

It just is. So be right here. 

If that works for you, please borrow the mantra!

Have a wonderful weekend filled with interesting breakfast foods!


Written by Erica

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