Defending Almonds PLUS Almond Meal Cookies!


I’ve built a bit of a reputation for being pretty PRETTY into almonds–almond milk, almond pulp, almond meal. It comes as no surprise that when news hit of the exorbitant amount of water required to grow a single California almond, people were clamoring to alert me.

Yo, we’re in a humongo drought here in CA, a super-producer state as far as agriculture is concerned, especially water-intensive tasty treats, like say, NUTS (I think almonds aren’t truly a nut, just sayin’.)  Whether you’re an almond hater or apologist, you’ve heard the stats: it takes about a gallon of water to grow a single almond, using up 10 percent of California’s agricultural water supply despite the fact that about 2/3 of these Cali almonds are then exported (kinda like just sending our much-needed water away…)

Now that the facts are out there (and even the Almond Board of California isn’t denying them), almonds have become the crop everyone loves to hate. And it makes sense, almonds are all the rage, and people like me sit around soaking and blending and dehydrating and baking them and then blogging about it. The amount of almonds being grown in California has sky-rocketed in Cali, mostly thanks to me telling all my friends about how easy it is to make almond milk.

Here’s the thing, it’s a drought. Like a giant, horrible, crippling drought. Almonds are definitely part of the problem, just as all agriculture and other water-intensive industry is part of the problem, just as lawns, and swimming pools, and fountains, and toilets, and hosing down the sidewalk are part of the problem. But I really can’t believe that placing a bunch of blame on one crop is anything more than scapegoating a trendy, hip, sexy little nut. I’m not advocating increasing your almond-intake, but I’m not yet jumping on board with decreasing it either. Right now I’ve decided to stay neutral as I continue to gather more facts. It’s just almonds as usual over here. But don’t throw stones (from your drought-tolerant landscaping) at me just yet. I am committed to continued research on the subject of water-usage and the California drought, as well as almonds! I plan to share what I learn right here on this blog! Until then, I’m keeping to my varied diet, which doesn’t restrict nor rely on any one type of food or food group, whilst continuing my residential water-saving techniques.



Maybe I should be more apprehensive about posting this but just in case my future research truly deems almonds as pure evil, let’s celebrate them now with these incredibly delicious Almond Meal Cookies with Cacao Nibs and Coconut from The Sprouted Kitchen cookbook (like the real, hard-copy book). I found an adapted recipe at Minimalist Baker but I highly recommend purchasing The Sprouted Kitchen cookbook because it’s beautiful and amazing (or you can borrow my well-worn copy if you want!)

This week, pick something nutty in your life and try to educate yourself on the whole picture!

Stuff People Yell at Me While I’m on my Bike


I’m a cyclist which means I get yelled at…A LOT. Like multiple times a day. I guess it just comes with the territory–I am on my 30 lb bike and you are safely riding in a 6000 lb vehicle and taking up all the room on the road –makes sense that YOU are yelling at ME.

I never yell anything back. Despite the photo at the top, I’ve never once flipped the bird. You know what actually happens after you yell at me? Okay, I’m gonna be honest here and not pretend I’m a super badass bike chick…after I get yelled at on my bike, I start crying. Like every single time. And then I’m weeping the whole rest of my ride. Because it sucks! It feels so unfair! I’m alone, dodging the elements, the obstructions. I had a long day and I’m cranking up this hill and my legs are burning and it’s dark and I’m a young woman and YOU JUST YELLED AT ME and then drove away!

If you are a driver, oh my goodness, please don’t yell at a cyclist! Take a sec to think about why they might have made the choice they did that is pissing you off so badly. There’s likely a good reason, and it’s probably all about safety.

Here’s some of the common things people yell at me while I’m riding.

  • Get off the road!” – Ahhh, so original! Thank you for sharing! I’m lucky enough to live in LA where there is actually a fair amount of education, mostly on the backs of the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus, which teaches drivers to share! Not as lucky if I’m riding in my hOmaha. Whether or not it is specifically illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk in your state, it is less safe. A street has traffic laws that are mostly followed, a sidewalk does not. But the sidewalk is not just a sidewalk, it is often a path between the road and more road for a car (driveways, alleys). Cars aren’t going to stop at the start of every sidewalk. In the end, it’s usually less safe for a bike to be on the sidewalk–for the cyclist, and for the pedestrians.
  • There’s a lane for you!” -Thank you for graciously reminding me, and did you notice all the garbage bins in my lane and the giant garbage truck ten feet ahead making frequent stops? Or the huge pile of broken glass? Or the delivery trucks using my lane as a loading zone? Sometimes I have to scoot out of a bike lane, even when it’s there, but trust me, I hate leaving the comfort of my lane as much as you hate sharing yours. But if you are going to yell at me about it, look up ahead, there’s probably some reason I dipped out for a bit. Most decisions I make that piss you off just slightly inconvenience you, whereas they are literally life and death for me.
  • **Kissy noise**- Oh wow, thank you for making that smooching noise at me! Would you like to get married now?
  • You’re supposed to be on the right!” – Cool, I’ll just make sure to map my route so I never have to take a left!…doooooooood, I am using my vehicle to get places, just like you! So, yes, while I try to stay to the right as much as possible, sometimes I have to merge into the left lanes to prepare for a left turn.  I always do this well in advance, after the traffic flow has passed me, when there is no risk of cutting anyone off.
  • STOP SIGN!“- This one I can’t be self-righteous about, it’s illegal to not come to a full stop at a stop sign in California (no Idaho stops for us.) I typically try to go through residential areas to avoid busy streets that don’t have bike lanes. This means tons of stop signs. On my usual commute, I go through multiple 4-way stops where two sides are actual dead ends. So yeah, if there are no cars in sight or if I see that the car across from me is also going straight, I will slow down (I always brake at a stop sign), look in all directions, but I may NOT put my foot down. So sure, yell at me, but how come I see 90% of cars at those same intersections roll through the stop sign and no one yells at them? What’s your excuse? Part of the reason I don’t fully stop at stop signs is just ease of transport, having to stop every 30 feet down a heavily-signed residential road is tiring for my poor, hardworking quads. Also, it’s HARD to start back up after I come to a complete stop with my foot on the pavement. If a car is waiting for me to go after a full stop, I mean, get a podcast ready, it’ll be awhile (which means frustrated cars and more YELLING!) And I also don’t like being a sitting duck, especially at night. As a female cyclist who commutes alone, I feel a lot more fear of pedestrians harassing me at night than I do of other cars. So I (safely) try to just keep zooming along. I never roll through a stop light
  • Daaaaayum, are you the white Kim Kardashian?” – I am no longer being facetious…thank you! That was the best compliment I’ve ever received. And yes, I’m trying to get #bigbootybikegirls trending!