Wandering to Find Balance


I burnt myself out and lost my balance in the last week or two. Finishing the Mindful American pilot was such an accomplishment, but I pushed so hard I made myself sick and exhausted. It’s a common feeling for so many of us, to just go go go. I felt like I couldn’t do anything but stay afloat. Instead of feeling celebratory, I was simply kaput.

Balance is extremely important to me. These days, there’s an atmosphere of competitive exhaustion in the workforce. “Oh, you slept four hours last night? Well, I only slept two!”

I just don’t do well if I’m completely off balance. I have the extreme luxury of being in my twenties–childless, mortgage-less, generally crisis-less. I still have that perky, idealistic sense of being in control of my own balance and well-being. But I’m gonna hang on to it as long as possible. I accomplish so much more when I’m in balance–when I allow myself the necessary amount of time to accomplish the responsibilities of my day, when I treat my body with kindness by getting enough sleep, nutrients, and activity, when I gift myself some no-pressure/no-stakes unstructured time in my day.

Yesterday I treated myself to just WANDERING. I took the train to Union Station with my best friend and gamboled about downtown LA, in the hot sun, with ice cream cones and almond milk coffees, experiencing the sounds and colors. Sometimes exploring just a few unknown blocks of your own town is enough to reset. I’m feeling wildly better already.


Pueblo_de_Los_Angeles Antonio_Aguilar Olvera-Street-Wears Pots_And_Pans_Pueblo Crucifix Bradbury-Building

Be well this week!