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On a recent cold and windy winter day, my sweet, pick-axe wielding, pastoral beauty queen best friend Jayme invited me out to the dairy farm she was farm-sitting.

New baby cows had been born on Christmas Day and oh goodness, they probably wanted to meet me and my whole family! Load up that minivan and let’s go to Southeastern Nebraska!

It really was such a treat to visit the Chisholm Family Farm’s Orchard Hill Creamery. The cows, chickens, micro pot-belly pig, dogs, cats, and feral children all seemed well-treated and happy.

The creamery produces Certified Naturally Grown dairy products. I had my first tastes of raw milk, which DOES taste different than store-bought. Oh and the cheese, those delicious hand-made cheeses I ate! Those cows really must be happy to bring so much joy to my mouth!


Jayme_The_Hatchet_WomanCalves_Eating Calf_MilkJules_The_Brave

Throughout the day at the farm, I was really vibing with my eldest niece, Jules.

When met with new and unfamiliar situations, Jules and I can often be quite similar—feeling apprehensive and frightened of the unknown. Let’s be honest, we all feel like this from time to time, right?

Watching Jules experience discomfort and fear reminded me it’s completely OKAY to feel like that sometimes. And then to see her make new friends, feed cows and pigs, climb hay bails, and sing at the top of her lungs, I realized, she just did what many of us forget to do quite often. She felt her feelings, sat with them, took a breath, and when she was ready, was so very brave!

Here’s a little video of Jules being awesome and making me smile on our trip to the farm!



Jules_Jayme_MilkHay_Dairy_FarmChickensFuzzy_DogAndrew_Sam_CreameryDirty_Hair_WitchesDark_Window_CreameryHave a super idyllic day!


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