Enjoy this video for a Ginger-Mint Pear Smoothie while I get real LA on you and talk about detoxes.

I’m sorta split down the middle when it comes to dietary detoxes and cleanses. On the one hand, I think they are unnecessary as our bodies are likely doing all the detoxing work they are meant to do, whether we drink green juices or not. Also, I definitely don’t condone anything that is too strict or extreme when it comes to health and nutrition. For me, tight parameters almost always means failure and self-loathing.

That said, the modern human person is eating insane foods in wildly large portions, things maybe our bodies weren’t expecting to consume. Had the caveman invented fire and then Fiery Hot Cheetos, we’d probably have developed an additional snackfood detox organ.


Winter-Cleanse-Soup-Ingredients Winter-Cleanse-Soup-Spices

I am grateful to be in a situation where I have access to fresh and healthy food and the ability to prepare meals in a safe and sanitary way. One thing I like about detoxes is the mental and emotional aspect. I become more grateful for and appreciative of the food I consume. Because I’ll usually have a plan I’m sticking to, I tend to stop overthinking my daily eating and start savoring each bite or sip. I become keenly aware of how much advertising for unhealthful food exists EVERYWHERE but especially in places where fresh and healthy food is in short supply. And, as much as I hate to be a detox-bandwagoner, after a detox I usually feel like a popstar princess warrior angel, that is to say, I feel amazing.

Here’s the video for the Cilantro Spinach Sweet Potato Soup!

All that and now I have to admit that I made the recipes from Sarah B.’s Winter Weekend Cleanse not as part of an official detox but in addition to my normal eating. Both the smoothie and the soup were delicious, super easy to make, with a limited amount of ingredients to procure. I chose to eat and drink other things instead of these two recipes exclusively, but do as you please!

Whether you want to officially “detox” or just spin some greens around in a blender, enjoy the videos, the smoothie, and the soup! I mean truly enjoy them! Let’s all take a cleansing breath and pretend we have an extra detox organ that filters out all the bad stuff, like Cheetos and self-loathing.

Remember, you are a popstar princess warrior angel.


Written by Erica

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